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"I don't sell Blueberry Muffins,
 I sell Pain."

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Cassandra Suite-Smith

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When it all began... 

My personal and exercise training 

started when I was in fourth grade.  As a ten year old I asked for a Get in Shape Girl workout series for Christmas.  We were living in Chicago at that time.  I asked all of my friends and sisters to workout with me.  We started by running around our apartment buildings and doing the workout tapes on the other days.  My friends were committed for a week and after two weeks I was the only one who was still running.  I knew at a young age, that I had found something I would be passionate about for forever.

What is “Suite Buns” or actually what are “Suite Buns”? It’s being a mom and fitting into your favorite Jeans.  It’s a dad that can balance like Superman. It’s having a smile because you just spent time on yourself getting a great workout and feeling awesome. It’s decreasing your 10 minute mile to 9.  It’s about getting injured and coming back stronger and tougher. It’s about the time.....42 minutes.

Whether you are Playing outside or working out inside; Life is a Journey of  Laughs, Tears, Speed, Endurance, Falls, Spills and Climbs.  


Enjoy each day with a Better Smile, Better Posture and Tighter Buns. 


Be accountable with me. 

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